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Complete Code of Stocks Calculator Widget

What is Complete Code of Stocks Calculator Widget?

HTML Code is complete code of the widget i.e. HTML5 Code + CSS Code + Javascript Code. You can use the code to host the widget on your site / blog. You may also freely amend or customize the code without any restrictions.

We shall be glad if you give credit to this site by adding <a href='https://karvitt.com/widgets/' >Code provided by Karvitt.com</a> below the widget on your site / blog. You may amend the link text .

Functional Widget Demo

Stocks Calculator
Number of scrips
Date of purchase
Date of sale
Purchase price per Share
Sale price per Share
Dividend received
Brokerage + Tax
Net Return
Annualised Return
Note: If Internet Explorer, enter date in MM/DD/YYYY format

JavaScript Code

CSS Code


Embed Code

If you do not want to go through the hassle of hosting the widget on your site / blog, you can put the above widget on your site / blog by just pasting one line of embed code of this widget available in various international language and / or colors on this page Embed Code of Stocks Calculator.

Updated : Aug 30, 2020