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Code of Real Return Calculator

Get Javascript, CSS and HTMl code of Real Rate of Return Calculator to calculate Return, Real Return and Real Rate of Return of an investment taking into account inflation rate.

The code is available for free use on your site / blog. You may change / customize the code as you wish.

Javascript Code

CSS Code


Highlight, copy and paste the below code between <body> and </body> tags of your HTML page. This code is for doctype HTML5. Please amend the code suitably for other doctype.

Code Demo

Real Return Calculator
Interest Rate
Time Period
Estimated Inflation Rate
Real Return
Real Rate of Return *
* Inflation rate has been compounded annually.

Embed Code

If you do not want to go through the hassle of hosting the widget on your site / blog, you can put the above widget on your site / blog by just pasting one line of embed code of this widget available in various international language and / or colors on this page Embed Code of Real Rate of Return Calculator.

Updated : Aug 14, 2020