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Code of Advance Tax Calculator Widget

Get Javascript, CSS and HTMl code of Annuity Calculator to calculate Income Tax liability under both Existing and New Regimes ( Rates ) and Advance Tax payable on various due dates during FY 2020-21. The calculator is suitable for Assessees with taxable income upto Rs. 50 lacs as it does not calculate marginal relief on surcharge available to assesses having income marginally over Rs. 50 lacs / Rs 1 crore / 2 crores / 5 crores. You may use our Detailed Income Tax Calculator for comparative calculation of Taxable Income, Income Tax, Education & Health Cess, Surcharge, marginal relief on surcharge and Advance Tax under Existing and New Tax Regimes.

The code is available for free use on your site / blog. You may change / customize the code as you wish.

Javascript Code

CSS Code


Code demo

Advance Tax Calculator AY 2021-22
Opted for Sec. 115BAC
Select Due Date
Select Status
Income for the year
Eligible Deductions
TDS/TCS for the year
Advance Tax paid
Taxable Income
Tax Liability
Tax due 15 June
Tax payable
Tax due 15 Sep
Tax payable
Tax due 15 Dec
Tax payable
Tax due 15 Mar
Tax payable
Use Detailed Advance Tax Calculator

Embed Code

If you do not want to go through the hassle of hosting the widget on your site blog, you can put the above widget on your site / blog by just using the embed code of Interest Calculator, which is available in 9 skin colors and 16 international languages.