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Get Choghadiya Timings

Choghadiyas are very popular in western in India, especially among Gujarati community. They usually try that all important works should commence in a favorable choghadiya. There are seven Choghadiyas. AMRUT, SHUBH and LABH are favorable, CHAL is intermediate and UDVEG, ROG and KAL are unfavorable. Each day is divided into daytime (from sunrise to sunset) and night-time (from sunset to sunrise), each having eight Chaughadiyas of equal duration. Choghadiyas are different for different week days.

Getting Choghadia Timings

You can get Chogahadia timings for any day of a week. For getting accurate timings of choghadiyas, please enter local sunrise and sunset time. For your help a link is provided to get local sunrise and sunset timings of your city / center.

In case you do not select the Day of the week and do not enter Sunrise and Sunset timings, you will get choghadias for today taking the sunrise and sunset time as 6.00 AM and 6.00 PM respectively by default.

Get Choghadiya timings
Enter Local Sunrise timeHours
Enter Local Sunset timeHours


The gadget will give choghadiyas for today by default. If you want choghadiyas for any other day, please select the day:

Get local Sunrise & Sunset time
Updated : Mar 08, 2021