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Misc. Scripts, Calculators & Utilities

This section provides miscellaneous useful scripts, online calculators and utilities viz EPF Calculator, NPS Calculator, Stock Calculator, Service tax calculators, other general utility calculators, State-wise Bank Holidays-2019, Excel Keyboard Shortcuts, Ramayana Prashnavali, Choghadiyas etc.

Social Media Share ButtonsGet CSS and JavaScript Code to add Social Media Share buttons to your Webpage in an easy way.
JavaScript to Convert Number to Rupees and Paise in WordsGet JavaScript to convert any number below 100 core into Indian Rupees and Paise in words.
JavaScript to Convert Number to Currency in WordsGet JavaScript to convert any number (below 100 billion) into any currency with fractions in words.
Create Responsive TablesGet CSS, JavaScript and HTML code of Responsive Tables.
Accordion ScriptsGet CSS, JavaScript and HTML code of accordions.
Insert Commas in NumberJavaScript to enter Commas in numbers in Indian and US number formats with or without decimal places.
AMP Show Hide Switch CodeCode for AMP Menu Toggle Switch to Show / Hide Menu and AMP Button Switch to Show / Hide page content.
Property Tax Delhi CalculatorCalculate Property tax (Annual Value) of your property in Delhi for the year 2018-19 in just few clicks based on its location, year of construction, structure type, use type, occupancy type and its build up area.
NPS CalculatorCalculate estimated lump sum amount and pension available the time of retirement and view year-wise details of NPS account.
EPF CalculatorCalculate estimated amount of EPF payable at the time of their retirement and view year-wise details of EPF and EPS accounts.
Check Your FitnessCalculate your Ideal Body Weight, Body Mass Index and Fat %ge
Unit Converter & Currency ConverterConvert units of Length, Speed, Area, Weight, Volume, and Temperature.
Convert any currency to another currency.
Ramayana PrashnavaliGet prediction for endeavors based on Ram Charit Manas by Saint Tulsi Das.
State-wise Bank Holidays for 2021State-wise Calendar and List of Bank Holidays for 2021.
ChoghadiyasGet Choghadiya timings for any past or future date.
World Clocks & ISD CodesGet time and ISD code of all major countries of the world.
Your Sun SignKnow your Sun Sign and traits.
SudokuPlay Sudoku Game
Excel Keyboard ShortcutsKeyboard shortcuts to improve productivity of working in Excel.
Updated : Jan 08, 2021