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Other Income Tax Rates

Income Tax Rates for Short and Long Term Capital Gains and other miscellaneous incomes. These rates are subject to surcharge, education cess and secondary higher education cess.

SectionIncomeTax Rate
111AShort-term capital gains15.00%
112Long-term capital gains20.00%
115A (1)(a)(i)Dividend received by a foreign company or a non-resident non-corporate assessee [*it is not applicable in the case of dividends referred to in section 115-O]20.00%
115A (1)(a)(ii)Interest received by a foreign company or a non-resident non-corporate assessee from Government or an Indian concern on moneys borrowed or debt incurred by Government or the in Indian concern in foreign currency20.00%
115A (1)(a)(iia)Interest received from an infrastructure debt fund referred to in Sec. 10(47)5.00%
115A (1)(a)(iiaa)Interest received from an Indian company specified in Sec. 194LC5.00%
115A (1)(a)(iiab)Interest of the nature and extent referred to in Sec. 194LD (appliable from Assessment Year 2014-15)5.00%
115A(1)(b)Royalty or fees for technical services received by a foreign company or non-resident (b)non-corporate assessee from an Indian concern or Government in pursuance of an agreement approved by the Central Government and made after -
Assessment Year 2013-14
a. March 31, 1976 but before June 1, 1997
b. May 31, 1997 but before June 1, 2005
c. May 31, 2005

Assessment Year 2014-15 - If such agreement is made at any time after March 31, 197625%
115ABIncome of an overseas financial organisation on transfer of units purchased in foreign country being long term capital gains10%
115ACIncome from bonds or Global Deposit Receipts or on bonds or Global Deposit Receipts of a public sector company sold by the Government and purchased in foreign currency or long term capital gain arising from their transfer [not applicable in the case of dividends referred to in Sec. 115-O]10%
115ACAIncome from Global Depository Receipts held by a resident individual who is an employee of an Indian company engaged information technology software/services10.00%
Dividend [other than dividend referred to in section 115-O] on global Depository Receipts issued under employees stock option scheme and purchased in foreign currency10.00%
Long-term capital gain on transfer of such receipts10.00%
115ADIncome in respect of listed securities received by a Foreign Institutional Investor as specified by the Government
Short-term capital gain covered by section 111A15.00%
Any other short-term capital gain30.00%
Long-term capital gain10.00%
Other income [*not applicable in the case of dividends referred to in section 115-O]20.00%
115BProfits and gains of life insurance business12.50%
115BBWinnings from lotteries, crossword puzzles, or race including horse race (not being income from the activity of owning and maintaining race horse) or card game and other game of any sort or from gambling or betting of any form or nature30.00%
115BBA(1) (a)/(b)Income of a non-resident foreign citizen sportsman for participation in any game in India or received by way of advertisement or for contribution of articles relating to any game or sport in India or income of a non-resident sport association by way of guarantee money20.00%
115BBA(1)(c)Income of a non-resident foreign citizen being an entertainer for performance in India20.00%
115BBCAnonymous donation30.00%
115EIncome from foreign exchange assets and capital gains of non-Resident in India
a. income from foreign exchange asset [*not applicable in the case of dividends referred to in section 115-O]20.00%
b. long-term capital gain10.00%
115JBTax on book profits of certain companies (Assessment year 2010-11)15.00%
161(1A)Profits and gains of a business in the case of a trust30.00%
164Income of private discretionary trust where shares of beneficiaries are Indeterminate30.00%
164AIncome of an oral trust30.00%
167AIncome of a firm30.00%
167BIncome of an association of persons or body of individuals if shares of members are unknown30.00%
167B(2)Income of an association of persons or body of individuals if total income of any member (excluding share from the association or body) exceeds the maximum amount not chargeable to tax [*if total income of any member of the association or body is chargeable to tax at a rate higher than 33.99 per cent for the assessment year 2009-10 or 30.9 per cent for the assessment year 2010-11, then tax shall be charged on that portion of the total income of the association/body which is relatable to the share of such member at such higher rate and the balance of the total income is taxable at a rate of 33.99 per cent and 30.9 per cent for assessment years 2009-10 and 2010-11, respectively.]30.00%


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