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Home  ❯  Tax  ❯  Advance Tax Calculator (Non-Ind.)

Advance Tax Calculator for Non-Individual

Advance Tax Calculator for Individuals

Use this Advance Tax Calculator for calculation of Advance Tax payable on various due dates by Non-individual taxpayers i.e. Firms, Co-operatives, LAs and Companies during AY 2022-23

Select Status & Due Date
1Select Status
2Select Due Date
Enter details of 'Estimated Income taxable at Normal Rates'
1Income from Salary / Pension ( Net of Standard Deduction )
2Income from Business / Profession
3Income from House Property ( If loss, enter minus sign ' - ' before amount )
4Income from Capital Gains (Taxable at Normal Rate)
5Income from Other Sources (Taxable at Normal Rate)
6Less : Deductions under Chapter VI A
7Less : Any other eligible deductions
8Total Income Taxable at Normal Rate
Enter details of 'Estimated Income taxable at Special rates'
1Income Taxable at 5%
2Income Taxable at 10%
3Income Taxable at 12.5%
4Income Taxable at 15%
5Income Taxable at 20%
6Income Taxable at 30%
7Total Income Taxable at Special Rate
Additional Info.
1Rebate under Section 88E ( STT Paid )
Taxes already paid
1Estimated amount of TDS, TCS and MAT credit utilized for the year
2Advance Tax already paid
Taxable Income and Tax Liability
1Taxable Income ( B8 + C1 )
2Income Tax at Normal Rates
3Income Tax at Special Rates
4Total Income Tax ( F2 + F3 - D1 )
5Surcharge (if applicable)
6Marginal Relief in Surcharge (if applicable)
7Net Surcharge ( F5 - F6 )
8Income Tax + Surcharge ( F4 + F7 )
9Heath & Education Cess ( 4% of F8 )
10Total Tax liability ( F8 + F9 )
11 Income Net of Income Tax Liability
Advance Tax
Calculate Interest payable under Section 234A, 234B and 234C
Important : This calculator is an easy online tool for quick basic calculation and cannot give correct calculation in all circumstances. The exact calculation may be made after taking into account all applicable provisions of Income Tax Act / Rules.

What is Advance Tax?

Advance tax is payment of Income Tax on 'Pay As You Earn' basis. It involves estimation of total income from all sources for the year, calculation of estimated Income Tax Liability and its payment instalments as per due dates provided in income Tax Act / Rules.

What are provisions relating to payment of Advance Tax?

The important provision of Income Tax Act / Rules relating to payment of Advance Tax are :

What are Advance Tax Installments & Due Dates?

Due DateAdvance Tax Installment Amount
15th JuneAt least 15% of Tax on total income for the year.
15th SeptemberAt least 45% of Tax on total income for the year less advance tax already paid.
15th DecemberAt least 75% of Tax on total income for the year less advance tax already paid.
15th March100% of Tax on total income for the year less advance tax already paid.
Updated : Apr 01, 2021