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Income Tax Tools, Utilities and Info.

Income Tax Calculators

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Income Tax Calculator for Individual AY 2021-22
Calculate Taxable Income, Income Tax, Cess, Surcharge and Marginal Relief for AY 2020-21 and 2021-22
Advance Tax Calculator AY 2021-22
Calculate Advance Tax instalments payable on various due dates during 2020-21 by Individual and Non-individual tax payers.
Tax Saving Calculator
Calculate and compare tax savings for AY 2020-21 by investing in various tax saving options available to individual tax payers.
TDS Calculator AY 2021-22 (Revised / Reduced Rates )
Calculate TDS on payment of Salary / Wages or Other Payments during 2020-21 at Revised / Reduced rates effective from 14th May 2020.
Indexed Cost & CG Calculator 1
Calculate Indexed cost and Long Term Capital Gain on Assets as per Cost Inflation Index effective upto 31.03.2017.
Indexed Cost & CG Calculator 2
Calculate Indexed cost and Long Term Capital Gain on Assets as per revised Cost Inflation Index effective from 01.04.2017.
Interest u/s 234 Calculator
Calculate Interest payable under sections 234A, 234B and 234C.
Presumptive Income Calculator
Calculate Presumptive income under Sections 44AD, 44ADA and 44AE.
Gold and Silver Assets Valuation
Calculate valuation of Gold and Silver assets as per Income Tax Act / Rules.
Taxable Value of LTCG on Securities
Calculate LTCG on securities (shares, mutual funds etc.).
Taxable HRA Calculator
Calculate Taxable amount House Rent Allowance.
Perquisites Value
Calculate taxable value of various perquisites.
Perquisite Value - Concessional Loan
Calculate taxable value of concessional and interest free loans.
Taxable Gratuity
Calculate taxable value of gratuity payable under varous provisions.
ITR Schedules Calculator
Calculate for ITR Schedules S, HP, OS, VI-A and EI.
ITR Schedule CG Calculator
Calculate Long Term and Short Term Capital Gain for ITR Schedule CG.
ITR Schedule DPM & DOA Calculator
Calculate Depreciation for ITR Schedules DPM and DOA.
Income Tax Calculator - Firm, Company, Co-op. etc.
Calculate Taxable Income and Tax liability for AY 2020-21 & 2021-22

Income Tax Slabs and Rates

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Income Tax Slabs and Rates
View Income Tax Slab and Rates for all tax payers for AY 2020-21 and AY 2021-22.
TDS Rates : AY 2021-22
TDS Rates for payments of Salary / Wages and Other Payments for AY 2021-22.
Depreciation Rates
View Depreciation rates for Income Tax.
Other Income Tax Rates
View other Income Tax rates.

Income Tax Forms (Fillable)

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Challan & Other Income Tax Forms
Various Chalan and other Income Tax forms in Excel / Fillable PDF.
TDS forms
Various TDS forms in Excel / Fillable PDF available.
PAN & TAN forms
Various PAN forms in Excel / Fillable PDF.
ITR Forms for AY 2018-19 & 2017-18
Information on ITR forms and download links.

Income Tax : Misc.

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View 26AS online
How to view your Tax Credit Statement - Form 26AS online.
Step by Step Guides
Step by Step guides for various online income Tax activities.
Income Tax Calendar 2019
Calendar of Income Tax due dates during 2019.
Pay Tax online
Information relating to payment of various direct taxes online.

Income Tax Information of IT Act & Rules

Income Tax : Non-Residents

Other Taxes


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Updated : Feb 03, 2020