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VAT Forms for AP & Telangana in Excel

The forms compiled by Karvitt.com in Fillable PDF and Excel formats can be filled on your PC / Laptop. These forms save time and energy required in filling the form and enable you to submit nicely filled forms free from cuttings / overwriting. The forms are available for free download for personal use only.

Forms in Excel format
CAT 001Intimation by Casual Trader
CAT 002Final Return by a Casual Trader
VAT 100Application for VAT Registration
VAT 100AAddresses of additional places of business /branches /godowns
VAT 100BParticulars of Partners /Directors/Persons responsible (authorised) for the Business
VAT 104Application for VAT Registration as a Start Up Business prior to making Taxable Sales
VAT 112Application Notifying Changes in VAT Registration Details
VAT 200VAT Monthly Return form
VAT 200AAnnexure to Monthly VAT Return
VAT 200BAnnexure to VAT Return for March
VAT 200CFinal Return on Cancellation of VAT Registration
VAT 200DDeclaration by VAT dealer showing break-up of Sales and Input Tax
VAT 200EAnnexure to Monthly VAT Return for adjustment of Input Tax Credit
VAT 200FAnnexure to Yearly VAT Return for adjustment of Input Tax Credit
VAT 200GAnnexure to Monthly VAT Return for adjustment of Sales Tax relief
VAT 200HAnnexure to Yearly VAT Return for adjustment of Sales Tax relief
VAT 225VAT Return form for Special Category goods
APP 400Form of Appeal under Section 31
APP 400aDeclaration
APP 401Form of Appeal Memorandum to the Appellate Tribunal
forms in Fillable PDF
VAT 118Claim for credit of VAT paid on goods in stock hand at the time of VAT registration
VAT 121Application for cancellation of VAT registration
VAT 129Form of authorisation
VAT 207Application of a vat dealer for payment of amount outstanding by instalments
VAT 213Return for reporting under / over declaration of inputs/outputs and Value Added Tax
VAT 230Monthly return to be filed by the Government Departments
VAT 250Application opting for payment of tax by way of composition
VAT 250AApplication for withdrawal for payment of tax by way of composition
VAT 300Summary of business activities and records
VAT 360Application for claim of refund for the tax paid on sales or purchases of goods specified under section 4(2)
VAT 501Certificate of Tax Collection at Source
VAT 501ACertificate of Tax Deduction at Source
VAT 502Declaration of a vat dealer availing industrial incentives
VAT 503Declaration of a VAT Dealer for Adjustment of Entry tax / Other tax
VAT 510BApplication for claiming of refund by un-registered dealers/ persons
VAT 513Payment of penal interest by Commercial Taxes Department on refund to the persons applied as per Govt. notification under section 15 (3)
VAT 515Statement of the goods stored in cold storage
VAT 522AAuthorisation by a resident principal to his agent
VAT 522CCertificate of payment of tax by agent
Updated : Mar 08, 2021