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PNB (Punjab National Bank) Forms (Fillable)

The forms compiled by Karvitt.com in Fillable PDF and Excel formats can be filled on your PC / Laptop. These forms save time and energy required in filling the form and enable you to submit nicely filled forms free from cuttings / overwriting. The forms are available for free download for personal use only.

Forms relating to Deposit Accounts
Account Opening form for Resident Individuals
Account Opening form for NRI
Form for Opening / Renewal of Term Deposit
Application form for ATM / Debit Card
Application for Registration as Internet banking Subscriber
FATCA/CRS Self Certification / Declaration for Individuals
Customer Master Form / Know Your Customer (KYC) / CKYCR Form for Individuals
Forms relating Nomination in Accounts
Nomination form DA1 for Registration of Nomination for Bank Deposit accounts
Nomination form DA2 for Cancellation of Nomination
Nomination form DA3 for Change of Nomination
Nomination form SL1 for Safety Locker
Forms relating Claim in Deceased Accounts
Claim form for Accounts with Nomination
Claim form for Accounts without Nomination
This file has following forms in fillable PDF format:
  • Claim Form (PNB 831) for nominee
  • Inventory for contents of locker (With Nomination & Without Nomination )
  • Inventory for articles left in safe custody (With Nomination & without Nomination )
  • Receipt (From Nominee)
  • Receipt (From Claimant)
  • Power of Attorney (Deposit Account) - PNB-1141
  • Power of Attorney (Locker) - PNB 1142
  • Agreement of indemnity (Deposit Account / Locker) - PNB 1143
  • Indemnity Bond with surety (Deposits) - PNB-346
  • Indemnity Bond with surety (Lockers) - PNB 1144
  • Letter of Consent-Cum-Relinquishment for claims up to Rs.2.00 lac in respect of Deposits/Lockers
  • Affidavit cum Indemnity Bond with Surety (For allowing operation in HUF accounts in case of death of Karta)
PPF forms
This file has following forms in Fillable PDF
  • Form A - Application for opening a Public Provident Fund Account Under the Public Fund Scheme, 1968.
  • Form C - Application form for withdrawal under the Public Provident Fund Scheme, 1968
  • Form D - Application form for a loan under the Public Provident Fund Scheme, 1968
  • Form E - Nomination under the Public Provident Fund Scheme, 1968
  • Form F - Cancellation or Variation of Nomination previously made in respect of Account under Public Provident Fund Scheme, 1968.
  • Form G - Application for withdrawal by Nominees/Legal Heirs under the Public Provident Fund Scheme, 1968
  • Form H - Application for Continuance of Account under Public Provident Fund Scheme, 1968 Beyond 15 Years.
  • ANNEXURE I (Letter of Indemnity) for deceased accounts
  • ANNEXURE II (Affidavit) for Deceased accounts
  • ANNEXURE III (Letter of disclaimer on Affidavit) for deceased accounts
Forex forms
Application cum Form A2 Transactions under Liberalised Remittance Scheme
Request for Outward Remittance from NRO account
Other forms
Life Certificate to be submitted by Pensioners
Application for PNB Oriental Royal Mediclaim Insurance Policy
Claim form for Mater Card of The New India Assurance Company Limited
Application form for PNB Suvidha Prepaid Card for Individuals
RuPay Cardholder's Personal Accident Insurance Claim form for The New India Assurance Company Limited
Application form for Fixed Value PNB Uphaar Prepaid Card for Individuals
Forms relating to Loans
Application-cum-Appraisal / Sanction Form for Personal Loan
Request-cum-Sanction Letter for Personal Loan to Pensioners
Application-cum-Appraisal / Sanction Form for Car Loan
Application form for Term Loan for Pursuing Higher Education
Application form for Home Loan
Application form for Home Loan under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana - EWS/LIG
Application form for Home Loan under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana - Middle Income Group
Loan Application for finance against Mortgage of Immovable Property
Application form for Loan under "PNB BAGHBAN" - A Scheme for House Owning Senior Citizens
Application form for Skill Loan Scheme "Kaushal Loan Scheme"
Application for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) for loans up to Rs.50.00 Lakh
Application Form for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises For Credit Facilities of over Rs. 2 Crore
Balance and Security Confirmation Letter
LTCG on Securities CalculatorIncome Tax Calculator for AY 2021-22
SSY Rules 2019Bank Deposit / Investment Calculators
Income Tax Calendar of Due Dates 2019Other Income Tax rates
Income Tax ( Challan & Other ) forms - FillableRTO forms - Fillable
Kisan Vikas Patra Rules 2019Post Office RD accounts
Updated : Oct 12, 2020