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Custom Forms in Fillable PDF

The forms compiled by Karvitt.com in Fillable PDF and Excel formats can be filled on your PC / Laptop. These forms save time and energy required in filling the form and enable you to submit nicely filled forms free from cuttings / overwriting. The forms are available for free download for personal use only.

Form No. 20Application for permission to re-export / sell or dispose or the goods imported/purchased from bond free of duty
Form No. 112Application for supplementary claim for drawback under Rue 15 of Customs and Central Excise Duties Drawback Rules, 1995
Form No. 47Form A - Application for grant of custom house agents licence under section 146 of the custom Act 1962
Form No. 49Form C - Application for Grant of Custom House Agents Licence under Section 146 of the Customs Act, 1962
Form No. 102Application for refund of duty / interest
Form No. 51Form E - Bond
Form No. 52Form F - Surety Bond
Form No. 6Continuity Bond ( to be executed by importer with provision for security deposit )
Form No. 7Continuity Bond ( to be executed by the importer and surety jointly )
Form No. 8Continuity Bond ( to be executed by Government Department or Public Undertaking without surety or security )
Form No. 34Form of Bond under Section 106 of the Sea Customs Act, 1878
Form No. 35Form or Security Bond required under Section 138 of the Sea Customs Act, 1878
Form No. 45Form of Continuing Bond [ Section 99 of the Customs Act, 1982 ]
Form No. 120Indemnity Bond Fillable PDF
Form No. 25Deed of Guarantee for Transhipment
Form No. 31Customs Declaration Form
Form No. 36Baggage Declaration Form (For passengers arriving by land or air from Pakistan)
Form No. 37Form for Baggage Declaration [Section 81 of the Customs Act, 1982]
Form No. 109Proforma for claiming drawback on re-export of duty paid goods under Section 74 of Customs Act, 1962
Form No. 108Form for claim of drawback under Section 74 of Customs Act, 1962 on goods exported by post
Form No. 111Form for claim of drawback under Rule 13
Updated : Mar 08, 2021