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Central Excise Forms in Excel format

The forms compiled by Karvitt.com in Fillable PDF and Excel formats can be filled on your PC / Laptop. These forms save time and energy required in filling the form and enable you to submit nicely filled forms free from cuttings / overwriting. The forms are available for free download for personal use only.

Forms in Excel with formulas for auto calculation
GAR-7Central Excise Challan Form
Form A-1Application for Central Excise Registration
Form AAR(CE1)Application for Advance Ruling
Form A.R.E. 1Application for removal of excisable goods for export by (Air/Sea/Post/Land)
Form A.R.E.3Application for removal of excisable goods from a factory or a warehouse to another warehouse
Form ER 1Monthly Return for Production and Removal of Goods
Form E.R.2Monthly Return for hundred percent export-oriented undertakings in respect of goods manufactured, goods cleared and receipt of inputs and capital goods
Form ER 3Quarterly return for clearance of goods and CENVAT Credit
Form ER 4Annual Financial Information Statement
Form ER 5Annual Declaration
Form ER-6Monthly Return of receipt and consumption of principal inputs and finished excisable good
Form ER 7Annual Installed Capacity Statement
Form ER 8Quarterly Return of excisable goods cleared @ 1% duty
Quarterly ReturnQuarterly Return under Rule 7 of the CENVAT Credit Rules, 2002 for the Registered Dealers
Forms in Fillable PDF
Form A-2Application form for central excise registration of powerloom weavers / hand processors / Dealers of Yarns and Fabrics/manufacturers of ready made Garments
Form A-3Application form for Registration of manufacturers of hand rolled cheroots of tobacco
InstructionsInstructions for filling up the Application Form for Registration A-1
Form Application for removal of stainless steel patties/pattas manufactured under the special procedure
Form CT3Certificate for removal of excisable goods under bond
Annexure 4Declaration Form
Annexure 5Application for obtaing new Excise Control Code Number
Form General Bond (Surety / Security)
Form A.R.E. 2Combined application for removal of goods for export under claim for rebate of duty paid .
Form A S P IApplication for permission to avail of the special procedure relating to embroidery
Form A S P IIApplication for permission to avail of the special procedure relating to stainless steel patties or pattas or aluminium circles.
Form B-1General Bond (Surety / Security)
Form B-3 General Bond (Security)
Form RCCentral Excise Registration Certificate
ApplicationApplication for Compounding of Offence
Form EA-1Form of Appeal to the Commissioner (Appeals) under section 35 of the Act
Form EA 3Form of Appeal to Appellate Tribunal under section 35B of the Act
ApplicationApplication to avail the facility of filing excise returns electronically
ProformaProforma of Running Bond Account in respect of B-1 Bond
Annexure 24Form of Declaration for availing Benefit of Rebate of Center. Excise Duty Paid on Materials used in Manufacture and Packing of Export Goods
Form 'A'Application for refund of CENVAT credit under rule 5 of the CENVAT
Annexure 20Return for manufacturers following simplified export procedure
Form UT-1Letter of Undertaking
Updated : Mar 08, 2021