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Return of Investment in Stocks, Bonds Issue Price and YTM Calculators

Analyze the return on your investment in Stock Market securities viz. Shares, Bonds, Mutual Funds etc.

Select Calculator

  1. Stocks Calculator
  2. Bond Issue Price Calculator
  3. YTM (Yield to Maturity) Calculator

Stocks Calculator

Number of Scrips
Date Purchased
Date Sold
Purchase price per scrip
Sale price per scrip
Dividend received, if any
Brokerage, if in percent ( % )
Brokerage, if amount
Securities Transaction Tax
Net Return
Annualized Return

Bond Issue Price Calculator

Face Value
Interest Rate
Interest Compounding
Investment Period / Term in months
Issue Price

Yield to Maturity Calculator

Calculate Total Yield, Yield to Maturity and Annualised Yield to Maturity of your investment in Bonds.

Par value
Market Value
Coupon Rate
Coupon Payment
Time to Maturity (months)
Total Yield till Maturity
Yield to Maturity
Annualized Yield on Investment (Gross)
Annualized Yield on investment (%)
Updated : Mar 08, 2021